A belief that happiness ends while a good moment lasts has laid the foundation of Midwinter Khaoyai. Standing tall on one of the world's most heritage sites, Midwinter Khaoyai is more than just a restaurant but a place where good memories have long lasted many people mind for over a decade.

The brand “Midwinter Khaoyai” has been well communicated through the use of exquisite materials along with special delicacy recipes. Likewise, a meticulous Scandinavian interior, fine spirits, and occasional live music all aims to create the very best moments for our guests. We feel highly grateful that many people have come and shared their stories under the brand “Midwinter Khaoyai”. We will continue delivering this happiness for all guests at Midwinter.

Who would have thought that behind the large gate of the elegant white castle would take place a dining experience?  Surrounded by spacious yet warning, vintage European decor, this restaurant serves a wide range of food and beverages. Midwinter is committed to fulfill your holiday with delicious, uncompromised quality food. We pay close attention to every step of food preparation, from menu selection to fresh ingredient preparation. Our ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the highest standard. Some of them are grown and harvested from our very welcome you all to spend your precious moment with your loved ones here, at Midwinter.

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