As a chef, food isn’t just about tastes. It’s a piece of art that sometimes you need to go beyond your imagination boundary. Essentially, our menu you order reflects your lifestyle and taste of the delicacy. That’s why at Midwinter Restaurant, every dish is prepared with passion and perfection.
Good moments last forever. That’s why at Midwinter Restaurant, our dining hall’s come with Scandinavian Interiors, aspiringly designed and meticulously crafted by carpenters whose mastery succeeded from the 15th century. With an extraordinary view and exquisite meal, we expect this as one unforgettable moment of yours.
Drink & Dessert
Essentially, the food color is not all that matters, but the drink you have is like the last jigsaw to fulfill your meal
A drink at your day’s end doesn’t always mean a reward for yourself for accomplishing such a tough day. Rather, having exquisite drinks is exactly how you could start another happy hour of your night.
No matter what your taste is, let’s just imagine your night vibe and tell our mixologists at Midwinter Bar. Only you can design how your day should be ended.
Midwinter Market 
At Midwinter, it’s never easy for our guests to let their precious moments cease. Just before you leave, try visiting our Midwinter Market and get some souvenirs as a reminder of your moments at this place. Not only for good memories, you can also bring the taste of Midwinter home with our smoked products, desserts, and snacks. We aim to deliver the real sensation of Midwinter right at your home.
How big is your area of happiness? It would be too hard to dimension. However, at Midwinter, happiness comes in an area of 80. With a spacious site, Midwinter has provided all visitors with extraordinary experiences and many good moments they’ve never wished to end. Located in a wide grassland, you get one of the best panoramic views of Khao Yai. Create your own moments, visit our barn venue. The wood house and stone house are ready to welcome all guests.
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