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Garlic & Peper Sausage(170g.)


Categories : Sausages Products


1.Each package contains premium-grade porks with the hygienic certificate

2.All materials are prepared without flour and preservative

3.Taste the authentic smoked pork with no use of artificial flavoring

4.Porks are smoked using applewood chips for over 30 minutes to arouse the real smoked scent and make the unique Midwinter flavor

5.Every pork is seasoned with secret ingredients of Midwinter to deliver the best-smoked taste with no pungency

6.Safe for all ages, our products do not contain harmful substances

7.Natural techniques are used with quality materials to make pork tender

8.Our smoked products are 100% made of fine-quality porks vacuumed by our advanced machine before going under the smoking process to ensure the authentic taste

9.Every product are produced from a hygienically certified factory, conforming the global sanitary standards

10.Our food experts monitor 60% of the manufacturing process to guarantee the “Homemade” and high-standard quality of Midwinter

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