Extraordinary moments in life never come to pass so often. But once it happens, people wouldn’t let it slip away so swiftly. Just like any moments at Midwinter Khao Yai, they have always fulfilled Midwinter’s guests with extraordinary moments with taste. And these moments themselves have become a vividly long-last memory to all visitors.

At Midwinter Khaoyai, #TasteBest is one promise we always make to customers, no matter where we serve the food, either at our restaurant or right at your home. Now, we have come up with 4 signature smoked products, available for #Free home delivery. From now on, you can own the original Midwinter taste right at your home. We promise that they will taste just perfect, like when you have it at our restaurant.

What makes Midwinter different from other restaurants? Happiness moment and smile of our customers would best answer this. Located at one of the greatest ozone areas of the world, Midwinter Khao Yai has combined an authentic natural vibe with architectural artistry. 5D Mapping Lighting Show is one thing you can only see at Midwinter every night.

This Valentine’s Day, Midwinter restaurant will give you and your special one an exceptional moment of love with ‘Valentine’s Special for LOVE’, the special menu will be served only on Feb 14.

Great moments always happen when extraordinary people come together. Just like ‘Midwinter x Sugarray : Pop-up Bar’, the coolest collaboration is back again this week at MidwinterFarm. This time, we have more partners like Moohanakorn, the international BBQ House led by Chef Tim Butler from Eat Me, and Olympicdigger, the music store who will come to play its passion of vinyl records and analog music.

One might say “Love is giving”, while others might say it’s a positive emotion and a sense of careness toward their important ones. At Midwinter, we believe that both expressions are true and that’s the reason we’ve always given the best experience and make every moment at Midwinter most memorable to everyone. This Valentine’s Day, Midwinter restaurant will give you and your special one an exceptional moment of love with ‘Valentine’s Special for LOVE’, the special menu will be served only on Feb 14.

The exclusive bar from #Sugarray is coming back again at Midwinter farm. Here at the Sugarray’s pop-up bar, you’ll get an extraordinary sight of panoramic scenery and feel the ultimate sunset vibe of Khao Yai.

An exclusive experience is about to commence at Midwinter Khao Yai as “Sugarray You’ve Just Been Poisoned”, the hidden speakeasy bar in downtown BKK, is coming to Midwinter Farm in the concept of “Sugarray Pop-up at Khao Yai”. The collaboration is definitely unmissable, especially for the cocktail connoisseurs, as Sugarray is bringing their Whisky & Gin along with a live DJ and Classic Vinyl of their style. Come own this exclusive moment of Sugarray x Midwinter from January 29, 2021. The bar

Needless to say, Midwinter Khao Yai is renowned for original and premium western cuisine. Even so, many customers have agreed that local Thai cuisine at our restaurant is also impeccable. Not only by reason of authentic tastes, but our Thai dishes are also crafted by our highly experienced Thai chefs with long-inherited recipes and techniques, placing our food standard at its zenith. Visit us! Taste your favorite Thai dishes amidst the panoramic view and winter weather of Khao Yai.

Friday has arrived.. How do you plan to live your moment this weekend? At Midwinter Khao Yai, we always tell our customers that the premium dishes we serve are what we believe is one reward for a week of hard work and effort. Not only that, having a drink of their choice and a chat with your people amidst the winter night in Khao Yai is the ultimate vibe that will make your weekend most memorable. Our restaurant and bar are open as usual. Every day from 10.00 - 23.00. Let’s come to witness this winter at Khao Yai before it ends!

Speaking of the most popular menu at Midwinter Khao Yai during the past year, ‘B.B.Q. Pork Rib’ is definitely the one. Meticulously seasoned and prepared by our chef, this dish unsurprisingly delivers the original taste that everyone is yearning for. The tenderness and enriched aroma have already guaranteed that it’s the most recommended dish for this winter. Come enjoy this moment with taste! Have our ‘B.B.Q. Pork Rib’ with your favorite drinks, we assure you that the freezing weather of this winter and extraordinary views of Khao Yai will never fail to impress you.

At Midwinter Khao Yai, we believe that a part of our customer’s happiness derives from our chef’s aspiration and attentiveness in food preparations. As such, whether it’s Western or Thai cuisine, every dish we serve is always a masterpiece as our chef picks premium materials and cooks with great experience to best deliver the very moment of happiness right at your table.

Since childhood, everyone has different moments that no matter how long time has passed, they last long as the fondest self-memories. To cherish this 2021 children’s day celebration, Midwinter wishes every child all happiness and health and we will always encourage you all to fulfil your dreams as you grow up.

Thanks to all customers who visited Midwinter Khao Yai and for being a part of our most memorable moment with taste during this 2021 new year’s celebration. Our restaurant was taken with full capacity; we wholeheartedly appreciate your visits and wish everyone a happy and healthy year ahead.

May you have a prosperous journey over the New Year and wish you and your loved ones filled with happiness, healthiness, and wealth over 2021 and thereafter. Midwinter Khao Yai will keep our promise to deliver the most memorable moments to all of our customers through premium-quality foods of fine tastes, exceptional services, and many more elements that have always formed the ultimate vibe of happiness at our restaurant. Stay with us! The moment with taste is always waiting for you at Midwinter.

As New Year’s Eve is imminent, nothing is better than spending your days with yourself and your loved ones. To review all the good moments and look ahead for the upcoming year, having an afternoon tea set is one best activity to fulfill your day. During this year end, we invite you to visit us at Midwinter Khao Yai and live this moment with taste with our original afternoon tea set.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Wish you joyful 2021!

Are you ready for another exquisite moment at this year's end? The time has arrived when Christmas and New Year celebrations are imminent. At Midwinter Khao Yai, we get every element set ensuring your best moment with taste as you dine fine meals and indulge in a mesmerizing vibe with your loved ones. An all-day-long soothing temperature around 20°C along with thousands of sparkling lights will surely mark this moment as one of your best.

Midwinter Khao Yai would like to say thank you to every customer who visits us this winter. At this year-end, most seats were reserved, and we have a very limited availability every day. As always, we are delighted to welcome everyone and be a part of your moment with taste. The promise to serve premium-quality foods with fine tastes is ours. At our restaurant, we ensure that everyone tastes this vibe of happiness, to indulge in the architectural aesthetic of our building alongside a panoramic scenery of Khao Yai. Either an afternoon tea set or a dinner, we will play your favorite songs just to say thank you. Come visit us and live your moment at Midwinter Khao Yai! Reserve for special seats, Call us at 082 452 8888 or contact us via Inbox

In the late afternoon at Midwinter Khao Yai, our outdoor area has never disappointed anyone with a remarkable panoramic view of Khao Yai and over 30 acres of the Midwinter landscape. Upon your initial glimpse, you will see some unseen spots of Midwinter such as a lotus pond and beautiful gardens. They all combine as an unforgettable moment for whoever takes their sight. Never experience it yourself? Book the outdoor zone for your next visit! Reserve for special seats, Call us at 082 452 8888

Undeniably, a 20 °C at Midwinter Khao Yai is of great moments with taste for those who visit us. During this long weekend, people have come to lounge about dining their favorite dish amid nice weather and the great Khao Yai scenery. The recommended menu of “Pork Knuckle (Leg)” is the one we believe will top this winter moment of yours.

How do you normally reward yourself? This picture is a well-illustrated moment we’ve always been offering every guest at “Midwinter Khao Yai”. The moment with taste, as we name it, is when people indulge in nice weather while dining a fine meal, listening to their favorite music, and enjoying the architectural artistry of Midwinter under the breath-taking scenery of Khao Yai. Reserve for special seats, Call us at 082 452 8888 or contact us via Inbox and Line (@Midwinter)

Excitement or weariness is a mood people usually begin their weeks with.... However at Midwinter Khao Yai, could you believe that there’s nothing but sheer relaxation? Especially during this winter when the weather is around 22 °C all day long, it’s undeniably the best time to enjoy fresh air and extraordinary views of Khao Yai. Try this moment, spend your weekday as an afternoon tea or lunch at Midwinter. And you will love your weekday even more. Reserve for special seats, Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Which is your most favorite moment at Midwinter Khao Yai? Is it while you enjoy an afternoon tea set? Or when you have a fine spirit and listen to your favorite song under the sunset of Khao Yai? No matter how you have imagined your momentwithtaste, let’s come to Midwinter Khao Yai and we ensure that any moments here will be your memorable ones. Reserve for special seats, Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Essentially, speaking of feel-good moments at Midwinter Khao Yai, people usually envision an evening meal as they taste premium delicacies while catching twilight at dusk. This time, however, we would like you all to taste this vibe differently for a lunch or try spending your afternoon with our special tea set. We ensure that these new experiences at different times will be another best moment of yours at Midwinter. Reserve for special seats, Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Trick or Treat!! ‘Midwinter Khao Yai’ is hosting a Halloween Night on this Saturday, October 31. The castle gate is wide open to welcome every guest. During your stay, we serve you our original delicacies and drinks, plus special menus of ‘Cake & Dessert’ daintily decorated in the Halloween theme. Amidst the cold weather of Khao Yai, you are all invited to celebrate your night and feel the best Halloween vibe at Midwinter. Special for all! We have a free face-painting booth to get you all ready for the Halloween night!! The booth will be available at 17.00 - 20.00. Let’s enjoy this HalloweenNight together Reserve for special seats... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Having some time to indulge in an afternoon tea break is a prestigious and long-inherited tradition of England. At Midwinter Khao Yai, we always serve our guests for their best experience. As another “Moment with Taste”, I’d like to invite all guests to enjoy our dainty sweet and savoury treats with your choice of tea. Our special afternoon tea and bakery set is prepared by a proficient pâtissier. Sipping a glass of tea amidst a panoramic view of Khao Yai, you surely have your afternoon wholly spent. Midwinter’s afternoon tea set is available starting from October 31, during 11.00 - 16.00 every day. For further information... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

As the rainy season is coming to an end, the winter has breezed to mark its onset. At Midwinter Khao Yai, people have come to witness the seasonal change as the temperature drops to 20 °C during the daytime. Never is a better time to stay for dinner at our outdoor area while enjoying a delicacy with fine spirit under the chilling weather and natural scenery of Khao Yai. Is this how you would envision your happiness? Should you wish to experience this moment, come to have it at Midwinter Khao Yai! Our special seat is now open for reservation until the end of 2020. It’s time to fulfill your “Moment with Taste”. Join us at Midwinter! **Announcement** Midwinter Khao Yai is still open every day. We are not affected by the monsoon or any flash flood as our restaurant is located on the highlands at Thanarach road. Every guest is still welcome at Midwinter and we ensure your very best moments as usual. Reserve for special seats... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

At Midwinter Khaoyai, every dish is prepared from our chef’s passion and creativity to fulfill the ultimate moment of happiness for all visitors. Especially in winter, our all-time favorite menu like “Pizza” has never ceased to excite any guests with over 11 choices of seasoning, delivering the real savory of Italian taste. Needless to say, the top 3 choices are the original menus like Midwinter Pizza, Parma Ham Pizza, and Margherita Pizza. All are served right after being baked at 260 °C for over 30 minutes. No matter how you would imagine your “Moment with taste” this winter, we want you to consider our signature pizzeria as one course of your dinner along with some drink to fulfill your night. Come taste it.. and feel your very best winter moments at Midwinter. Reserve for special seats... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

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