Midwinter Pizza


Midwinter Pizza

At Midwinter Khaoyai, every dish is prepared from our chef’s passion and creativity to fulfill the ultimate moment of happiness for all visitors. Especially in winter, our all-time favorite menu like “Pizza” has never ceased to excite any guests with over 11 choices of seasoning, delivering the real savory of Italian taste.

Needless to say, the top 3 choices are the original menus like Midwinter Pizza, Parma Ham Pizza, and Margherita Pizza. All are served right after being baked at 260 °C for over 30 minutes.

No matter how you would imagine your “Moment with taste” this winter, we want you to consider our signature pizzeria as one course of your dinner along with some drink to fulfill your night. Come taste it.. and feel your very best winter moments at Midwinter.

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