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At Midwinter Khaoyai, #TasteBest is one promise we always make to customers, no matter where we serve the food, either at our restaurant or right at your home. Now, we have come up with 4 signature smoked products, available for #Free home delivery. From now on, you can own the original Midwinter taste right at your home. We promise that they will taste just perfect, like when you have it at our restaurant.

Needless to say, Midwinter Khao Yai is renowned for original and premium western cuisine. Even so, many customers have agreed that local Thai cuisine at our restaurant is also impeccable. Not only by reason of authentic tastes, but our Thai dishes are also crafted by our highly experienced Thai chefs with long-inherited recipes and techniques, placing our food standard at its zenith. Visit us! Taste your favorite Thai dishes amidst the panoramic view and winter weather of Khao Yai.

Speaking of the most popular menu at Midwinter Khao Yai during the past year, ‘B.B.Q. Pork Rib’ is definitely the one. Meticulously seasoned and prepared by our chef, this dish unsurprisingly delivers the original taste that everyone is yearning for. The tenderness and enriched aroma have already guaranteed that it’s the most recommended dish for this winter. Come enjoy this moment with taste! Have our ‘B.B.Q. Pork Rib’ with your favorite drinks, we assure you that the freezing weather of this winter and extraordinary views of Khao Yai will never fail to impress you.

As New Year’s Eve is imminent, nothing is better than spending your days with yourself and your loved ones. To review all the good moments and look ahead for the upcoming year, having an afternoon tea set is one best activity to fulfill your day. During this year end, we invite you to visit us at Midwinter Khao Yai and live this moment with taste with our original afternoon tea set.

Undeniably, a 20 °C at Midwinter Khao Yai is of great moments with taste for those who visit us. During this long weekend, people have come to lounge about dining their favorite dish amid nice weather and the great Khao Yai scenery. The recommended menu of “Pork Knuckle (Leg)” is the one we believe will top this winter moment of yours.

Which is your most favorite moment at Midwinter Khao Yai? Is it while you enjoy an afternoon tea set? Or when you have a fine spirit and listen to your favorite song under the sunset of Khao Yai? No matter how you have imagined your momentwithtaste, let’s come to Midwinter Khao Yai and we ensure that any moments here will be your memorable ones. Reserve for special seats, Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Essentially, speaking of feel-good moments at Midwinter Khao Yai, people usually envision an evening meal as they taste premium delicacies while catching twilight at dusk. This time, however, we would like you all to taste this vibe differently for a lunch or try spending your afternoon with our special tea set. We ensure that these new experiences at different times will be another best moment of yours at Midwinter. Reserve for special seats, Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Trick or Treat!! ‘Midwinter Khao Yai’ is hosting a Halloween Night on this Saturday, October 31. The castle gate is wide open to welcome every guest. During your stay, we serve you our original delicacies and drinks, plus special menus of ‘Cake & Dessert’ daintily decorated in the Halloween theme. Amidst the cold weather of Khao Yai, you are all invited to celebrate your night and feel the best Halloween vibe at Midwinter. Special for all! We have a free face-painting booth to get you all ready for the Halloween night!! The booth will be available at 17.00 - 20.00. Let’s enjoy this HalloweenNight together Reserve for special seats... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Having some time to indulge in an afternoon tea break is a prestigious and long-inherited tradition of England. At Midwinter Khao Yai, we always serve our guests for their best experience. As another “Moment with Taste”, I’d like to invite all guests to enjoy our dainty sweet and savoury treats with your choice of tea. Our special afternoon tea and bakery set is prepared by a proficient pâtissier. Sipping a glass of tea amidst a panoramic view of Khao Yai, you surely have your afternoon wholly spent. Midwinter’s afternoon tea set is available starting from October 31, during 11.00 - 16.00 every day. For further information... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

At Midwinter Khaoyai, every dish is prepared from our chef’s passion and creativity to fulfill the ultimate moment of happiness for all visitors. Especially in winter, our all-time favorite menu like “Pizza” has never ceased to excite any guests with over 11 choices of seasoning, delivering the real savory of Italian taste. Needless to say, the top 3 choices are the original menus like Midwinter Pizza, Parma Ham Pizza, and Margherita Pizza. All are served right after being baked at 260 °C for over 30 minutes. No matter how you would imagine your “Moment with taste” this winter, we want you to consider our signature pizzeria as one course of your dinner along with some drink to fulfill your night. Come taste it.. and feel your very best winter moments at Midwinter. Reserve for special seats... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Ever felt this?... as the winter breeze passes through sprinkles of rain and brings out such a momentous vibe. Well.. It always does at Midwinter during this time of year when people come to enjoy their special time with their loved ones. Essentially, we recommend everyone to feel this moment with taste from our special menu “Seared Hokkaido Scallops & Foie Gras”. We serve it as an exclusive seasonal menu for this winter. “Seared Hokkaido Scallops & Foie Gras” A special recipe of seared Hokkaido scallops and foie gras being served with sautéed baby spinach and seasoned with black truffle sauce. Reserve for special seats... Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Speaking of the top 3 best selling western dishes at Midwinter, they are undeniably the menus from our Smoked Product. Serving as a perfect combination of tastes and artistry, we always use best-quality ingredients with special smoker recipes to prepare every dish that ensures your very best moment at Midwinter. Smoked Sausage The sausage is made with specially selected pork shoulders and a part of organic pork fat that give the authentic pork taste with no flour mixture. Smoked Pork Leg  Fermented under the original Midwinter recipe, a pork hock is then massaged and re-fermented to assure rich flavors and tenderness before being smoked until the pork is pink. BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs  Selected from the best quality sources, these ribs are then washed and cut using the global standard process before going under the fermentation for 1-2 nights and being smoked to obtain the signature taste. Nearly time for a long weekend… Why not plan to enjoy our signature dishes at Midwinter? Reserve for special seats.. Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Needless to say, happiness is something you don’t want to limit. The more you have it, the better your soul is. Especially when you day’s ending, having that chance to fine dine and eventually complete your course with a special dessert like “Original French Macaron” will surely extend your happy moment at Midwinter. Wanna know how this happiness tastes like? Visit our MidwinterMarket where different menus are ready for serving. Feel free to grab some and share it with your loved ones. Reserve special seats or ask for our products Please inbox or call us at 082 452 8888

Smoked Products from Midwinter Khaoyai Order now! and get Freedelivery Is “Smoked Ham Pork Chop” one of your favorite dishes at Midwinter Khaoyai? If so, from this moment on, you can enjoy this menu at any place and any time from our pre-cooked package of this smoked dish. Original tastes and scents are well preserved in a package using the special smoke technique only available at Midwinter. Smoking under real apple wood chips for 30 minutes, we ensure that you get the same dish as you taste at Midwinter. Smoke Ham Pork Chop Size L (320 gram) Price: 310 Baht Free delivery across Thailand! With the minimum order of 1,600 Baht No matter how your happiness tastes, you can now make it at your home.

Order now in our online shop and get free shipping! If you love smoked dishes from our original recipes at Midwinter Khaoyai, today we present you the delicacy of our 9 SmokedProduct. We offer you a door-to-door delivery once you make an order. Our products are available on Facebook Shop, Shopee, and Lazada. Hot Deal!! For our customers! Get free shipping for a minimum order of 1,600 Baht. Tastes our favorite smoked dish at your places. All packages are of the Midwinter Khaoyai’s premium standard. From this moment on…, the happiness at Midwinter can be at your place. Order now! You won’t be disappointed. For more information, please contact 082 452 8888 or inbox on Facebook messenger

“Color” is another aspect that well expresses the eater style’s character. Essentially, the food color is not all that matters, but the drink you have is like the last jigsaw to fulfill your meal. With a delight taste and alluring color of drinks, your meal is totally whole. Just like our “Cherry Boom”, a light cherry-red colors features a refreshing feeling with top ingredients like Vodka, Cherry Brandy, Cranberry juice, Citrus, and Soda perfectly mixed. and it could even make your meal more interesting. Just like our “Cherry Boom”, vivid cherry-red features a refreshing feeling with colors Enjoy drinking! Reserve for the special seat, please contact 082 452 8888 or inbox to directly book your seat

As a chef, food isn’t just about tastes. It’s a piece of art that sometimes you need to go beyond your imagination boundary. Essentially, a dish you order reflects your lifestyle and taste of delicacy. That’s why at #Midwinterrestaurant, every dish is prepared with passion and perfection. Just like our signature dish “Spaghetti with Mixed Sausage and Pork Bolognese” The dish is specially cooked with braised pork, sausage, and red wine sauce in a slow and moist-heat cooker until a red wine sauce is well aromatised. Then our chef finishes the dish with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Reserve for the special seat, please contact 082 452 8888 or inbox to directly book your seat

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